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  • Serving Northeastern Ontario since 1979 with quality products and installations.

    M & G Fencing Inc. is a manufacturing, retail, distribution and installation company. We process cedar posts for farm fencing and highway guide rails. Our retail office serves all cash and carry customers with all fencing materials and parts. The distribution centre provides contractors with a large variety of highway products. Whatever the application, our installation division will provide quality workmanship to insure a professional installation for either fencing or highway products.

    Fencing is an investment that will provide both privacy and security and we pride ourselves on product knowledge. Fencing is our specialty and we have many styles and choices to suit your requirements and budget. This makes us your ideal source for all your fencing needs.

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  • Our Commitment

    M & G Fencing Inc. is committed to the principals of honesty and integrity. We have built our reputation on those principals. You can expect professionally installed quality products and expert advice backed by over 35 years experience. We know that personal attention is as important as the quality of products we sell and we will make every effort to provide you quality service.

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    Our sales representative will meet with you and provide you with expert advice to help you complete your project. We will also provide our professional advice on any blueprint or layout.

Residential Fencing

M & G Fencing Inc. offers various types of Residential Fencing.

Wrought Iron Fencing is a maintenance-free zinc coated steel fencing. It is available in many decorative profiles. Wrought Iron fencing is very elegant as well as enhancing.

Wood Fencing is commonly used to provide privacy and to define boundaries. It can be installed in many decorative ways.

Vinyl Fencing is a maintenance-free type of fencing. It's available in many different profiles. Vinyl fencing is resistant to weather elements unlike wood fencing. Vinyl is a good choice for an attractive fence.

Chain Link Fencing is the most economical way to enclose an area. It is available in galvanized (silver) or with a weather resistant vinyl coating color (white, black, or green). Chain link fencing comes in heights of 3 to 8 feet. Rolls are 25' to 50' long. We are able to cut the rolls to the exact length you need.

Farm Fencing

We carry a full line of Farm Fencing products as well as special order items.

Field Fence (page wire):

  1. Cross Lock
  2. High Tensile Woven
  3. Hinge Knot
  4. Page Wire


  1. 6’, 7’, or 8’ Light Weight
  2. 7’ Standard
  3. 10’ Wildlife
  4. T-Post Clips

Farm Gates:

  1. 6-Bar Gate - 50” high available in widths 4’ to 18’
  2. Wire Filled Gate – 48” high available in widths 10’ to 18’
  3. Welded Wire – 16 gauge x 100’ roll
  4. Corn Crib Fabric – 12-1/2 gauge x 100’ roll
  5. Lawn Fence – 4’, 5’ or 6’ high x 100’ roll
  6. Barb Wire
  7. Staples & Clips

Commercial Fencing

M & G Fencing Inc. installs all types of fencing for many different Commercial applications:

  1. Perimeter Fencing
  2. Compound Enclosures
  3. Fence Panels
  4. Custom Built Gates

We will provide our professional advice on any blueprint or layout.


Kennels are custom built as per your requirements; they can be free standing or attached to a building.

Recreational Park Fencing

M & G Fencing Inc. installs all types of fencing for many different applications. We will provide our professional advice on any blueprint or layout.

Institutional fencing for prisons, government complexes, factories, schools and even animals

To secure your property against theft, vandalism, trespassers and even animals, chain link fencing proves to be effective.

  1. Long term durability – resistance to wear or breakdown with minimal maintenance
  2. Strong Construction – secure and safe
  3. Unobtrusive design

Through the years, we’ve had the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of installations. We will provide expert advice to develop a fencing solution that will compliment the surroundings as well as being cost-effective.

As a well-established fencing contractor, we are able to offer all our resources to resolve many traditional and unique fencing requirements.

We will provide our professional advice on any blueprint or layout.

Gates and Operators

M & G Fencing Inc. has been fabricating and installing all types of Gates and Operators. We have earned the praise of being the best in the industry. You are guaranteed a professional installation with the best products available. Gates can be fabricated to accommodate any size opening.


Provides protection from vehicle collisions but can be used wherever you need safety. Ideal for propane or gas enclosures, electrical transformers, and generators.

Highway Products

We have specialized Rock Drills, Guide Rails, Eccentric Loaders, Crash Cushions, Energy Attenuators, Private End Treatments and Ground Mounted Signs

M & G Fencing Inc. has been installing highway products for many years and we have experienced all types of terrains throughout Northern Ontario. We are have specialized rock drills and equipment as well as experienced crews to ensure a quality Certified installation. All of our installations follow the OPSD standards and specifications.

We will provide our professional advice on any blueprint or layout.

Click Here for Wildlife Fencing and Ungulate Gates for Highways

Cedar Posts

Machine Peeled Cedar Posts 8’ long available in 4”, 5”, 6” and 8” diameters. Delivery is available for large quantities.

Our 6” Cedar Posts meet MTO specifications and guidelines.